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Due to unforeseen circumstances, all trunks and accessories ordered should expect a 3 to 4-week delay in processing. 

Jumbo Size – 40″L x 22″W x 20″H – 48 lbs.

Outfit your room with confidence knowing that this Rhino Sticker Trunk™ is very durable, beautifully crafted, and easy to maneuver. It is spacious enough to pack everything you need with enough room to store your bulky items and a few extra treasures.  The exterior is easy to clean and resistant to water, dents, and scratches. Personalize the front of your trunk with a customized name or monogram decal for an extra $38 or add an additional customized decal to the top for an extra $46 and make it something your child will enjoy using for decades.  Comes in 8 vibrant colors to coordinate with all of our other bedding and accessories. Don't settle for less.  This trunk is made to last!

Monogram decals ship separately from your trunk.  For step-by-step decal application instructions click HERE.

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  • Coral 341
  • Light Orange 035
  • Orange 034
  • Orange Red 047
  • Light Red 032
  • Red 031
  • Dahlia (matte) 392
  • Dark Red 030
  • Burgundy 312
  • Hot Pink 041
  • Bubble Gum 045
  • Pink Piglet (matte) 426
  • Lilac 042
  • Plumberry (matte) 443
  • Lavender 043
  • Violet 040
  • Purple 404
  • Dark Navy 532
  • Navy 562
  • Brilliant Blue 086
  • Traffic Blue 057
  • Light Blue 053
  • Ice Blue 056
  • Powder Blue (matte) 172
  • Mint 055
  • Turquoise 066
  • Key Lime Pie (matte) 495
  • Lime Green 063
  • Yellow Green 064
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  • Dark Gray 073
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  • Wendy
  • Whipped Cream
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  • 2Peas
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  • TinkerToy
  • Tipsy
  • Cutie Patootie
  • Flight
  • Builder
  • Classic Block

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This hand-crafted, American-Made Rhino Sticker Trunk™ is available in a wide variety of colors and constructed with high quality materials. It features high performance embossed vinyl, a solid Baltic Birch hardwood frame, genuine leather handles, and nickel-plated steel hardware. The sticker-friendly exterior is easy to clean as well as resistant to water, denting, and scratching. These Sticker Trunks are built to last and even strong enough to stand on!

Jumbo – 40″L x 22″W x 20″H – 48 lbs.

Customizing your trunk is easy to do by personalizing with your monogram or name from our varying fonts and colors for an extra $38 AND the option to purchase and design an additional decal to place on top of your trunk (click HERE), will make your trunk uniquely yours.  All decals (front and/or top) ships separately from the trunk and can be easily applied upon arrival.  Just follow our step-by-step application instructions.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery! There is a vendor shipping flat rate of $25 per trunk.

Trunk Specifications:

  • 3/8" Baltic Birch covered with embossed vinyl and finished with nickel plated steel hardware
  • Sticker-friendly exterior laminated over 3/8" premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood
  • Entire frame and interior constructed of smooth 3/8" premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood throughout. No paper or plastic lining anywhere. Therefore, you’ll never have a problem with peeling or tearing.
  • High performance vinyl exterior is easy to clean as well as highly resistant to water, denting, and scratching.
  • Strong hand-crafted construction using both old world trunkmaking skills and advanced aviation rivet technology. Steel and aluminum aircraft rivets are used to ensure durability.
  • Heavy duty proprietary nickel-plated steel hardware
  • Features a soft close lid stay for keeping the lid propped open and to ensure the lid never slams down.
  • Tight-fitting steel tongue and groove lid-to-base closure to keep out moisture, dirt, insects, odors, etc…
  • Stylish lockable nickel-plated steel trunk lock includes a loop for attaching a padlock
  • Genuine leather handles (extremely durable)
  • Compatible with Rhino's specially designed removable wheels for easy transport. Wheels sold seperately.
  • To ship or store your trunk in the off-season, plan to keep the box that you receive with your trunk.  It is designed to protect your trunk and will help it last a lifetime.
  • American craftsmanship
Rhino Trunk and Case


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