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Personalized, durable trunks of all sizes for camp, college, boarding school, or home? Monogrammed bedding and all the accessories? Coordinated linens and headboards for the college dorm room? Shower totes, clip boards, and note cards with customized, matching monograms?

For the past 30 years, I've purchased all of these things and more for summer camp, boarding school, and college. As a parent, I'm still shopping for these items and have long hoped for one place that carries them all—both for convenience and continuity. That hope was the inspiration for Camp College & More. I wanted to give other parents the same convenience and continuity I was searching for. Coordinating and customizing these items from one source is what makes Camp College & More so unique.

Hi, I'm Patty Douglass, founder of CC&M and mother of three daughters who look forward to summer camp all year long. Each girl has a distinct personality and loves to create a space at camp that "feels like home" and is an expression of who she is. In a few short years, camp cabins will give way to college dorm rooms, but the needs are similar: to have beautiful things that reflect our own personalities. At camp, it might be a special clipboard or pillowcase, unique shower shoes or personalized water bottle. For college, the rules change a little. That favorite camp pillowcase becomes a coordinated bedding ensemble, one that can match your roommate’s. Even while coordinating room and bath essentials and accessories, each girl can still incorporate her own individuality. Our beautiful patterns and coordinates are perfect at home also. CC&M provides quality items that will last for years to come and grow and adapt with your child’s needs.

Through my many years as a buyer, I have found the best vendors who specialize in each category we offer and provide ways for you to customize and coordinate separate items or create an ensemble that will be cohesive and truly reflect your personal style at camp, boarding school, college, or in your home.

Our embroidery, vinyl monograms, customized bedding, and printed stationery are all available in colors and patterns that match or complement your own color scheme. At CC&M, our mission is to help each person feel comfortable and confident in any space--whether it be at home or away. We provide everything you need to create a unique space. No other company can provide all of this in one place! CC&M understands the timeless quality of classic design. Whether it’s fashion forward or simple elegance, we will be there for you. We will help you create a personalized space, regardless of its size, making it beautifully yours.


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